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About 'Hey, It Works!'

‘Hey, It Works!’ is a blog created by Daniel Rosehill (an ordinary guy —mostly— who loves technology!). Except when it doesn’t work — like when this blog’s forerunner went up in a ball of digital fire and lost content. Then he really hates it. It’s complicated, you could say.

This blog is all about open-sourcing the little fixes and tweaks that take us from thinking “this is beyond us!” to “oh that’s so easy I could do that in my sleep!.

Sometimes, the journey is just a little bit of perseverence away. Other times, technology takes us to tbe brink of madness. You never know what technology adventures might have in store for you.

Daniel finds technology endlessly fascinating which makes pinning down his specific interests within it tricky. But some things he's stuck with over the years include Linux, open source software (currently he likes Metabase), backups (gotta take them!) and .... things to do with data.

Sloths are great and are used as illustrative objects throughout this blog. Also: the theme for this blog was made by this dude in Myanmar. Thank you, Sat!

About: Daniel Rosehill (The Guy Whose Tech Ramblings You’re Reading)…

Daniel Rosehill is very proud to call Jerusalem, Israel his adopted home 🇮🇱 .

Daniel spent most of his career managing communications at technology companies before transitioning to a position in the non-profit sector.

Daniel has been infatuated by technology for as long as he can remember.

Right now he's into data visualisation and discovering cool frontend frameworks like Astro CMS.. He'll eventually move on to other obscure things to bore friends with and post here.

Daniel is a huge believer in the power of open-sourcing and believes that it is much more than a software philosophy — it's an approach to life that values sharing knowledge whenever possible, however, in the hope that it will pass on some know-how.

Other strident opinions include that distributed work is the future; drip email sequences should be banned; and that digital connectivity should be a national priority.

Daniel runs a data publishing initiative called ImpactdDB which tries to show data from the world of impact investing in an engaging way.

A highlight of Daniel’s 30s to date has been the realisation that drinking Guinness with good friends is about as good as life gets. His current life priorities including doing that more and spending more time enjoying the company of friends and family.

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Other Tech Projects

Daniel is too jaded to do the startup thing so instead posts his half-baked ideas onto Github. They’re open-source but if you use one and hit it big you owe him a lot of Guinness 🍺.

YouTube: Daniel’s Tech World
Github: Homepage

Githubs - Misc Projects

In the spirit of open-sourcing, Daniel puts some random repositories onto Github that he gets around to organising about once every 3 years.

Some of it potentially useful, most of it probably not. All of it shared enthusiastically.

Tech I Trust / My Stack

📙 A list of some of my favorite tech products / stack.